Amplifier Vibration?

Will mounting an amplifier close to a subwoofer (ie on the box) cause damage to the amplifier due to the vibration?


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Basically amplifiers are electronic devices with very small components with no free moving parts, so I don't think the vibration will cause any problem.

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While not everyone agrees, I doubt it will cause a problem if the box is well made. I've seen this done quite a few times and haven't seen any more amp defects than other types of mounting. Personally I'll only mount on the box if no other options are available, mainly because it makes it much harder to remove the box if needed.

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I have a rockford amp on a sealed box with sony 12''s and it sound fine. I don't see any problems. Your box really doesn't move that much unless it sucks.

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Sincs an amp is a solid state device, no it won't hurt.
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