20 - 30mm thick mounting plates/brackets to fit 6" x 9" car speakers?

preferably made from MDF or similar density material


I need help installing a pair of subwoofer speakers already in an enclosure that is 8 inches wide?

Make 'em!

Will this amp work?

You can buy a sheet of MDF cheap from your local hardware store- then use your speakers as templates - if you're worried about making it fit correctly make one from paper first and then draw around that onto the MDF.

2007 Pontiac G5?

Alternatively, most small shops that sell car audio equipment will also do a fitting services including making things like that for you, but it can work out quite expensive.

What car audio products are made in the USA or assembled?

Well I don't really understand what your asking. But I know home depot has good MDF wood and you can make the mounts yourself with a saw.

Phase control?

here's a link to them on ebay.

Nissan rear factory speakers stopped working?

just go to home depot and get a piece of MDF 1/2 inch is all you need and make the plates from that wood
good luck

Kicker cvx10's and hifonics brutus 1606d mono amp? good set-up?

better to make it with thin marine ply.
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