2 15" Kicker l7s or 1 15" RE XXX?

I would either get 2 15" l7's with 1000 watts rms going to each or 1 15" RE XXX with 2000 watts rms pushin it.


What size amp will i need to power one12" sub, and two 6x9s?

x-mas is the linar movement of the driver one way. either in or out. the x-mas on a 12" l7 is 14mm. not sure what it is for a 15" but i'd be surprised if its more then 17mm. so just to be fair, cause i dont know, we will give it 20mm. so 20mm of xmas times 2. so with 2 L7s you will get 40mm of xmas.

Why does my car stereo do this?

the x-mas of 1 xxx 15" woofer is 54mm. so even with the benefit of the doubt, the l7's move LESS AIR then the XXX. if you looking into getting a xxx, pick up the new car audio magazine. they review it in there.

2003 Saturn L200. Where can I find and an Adapter to hook up an amp and sub?

overall the XXX is a much better woofer, then anything Kicker makes.

How do I drop the ohms on two 8 ohme S15 subs?

good luck. and you might want to check into Pioneer Premiers TS-W5102SPL. its the current SPL world record holder.

Is there any way to make a car power amplifier work inside?

the 2 kickers,they will move more air because their are 2 of them
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