Anyone put a mid bass in a 06' jeep wrangler's center console?

i currently am in the process of redoing my jeep stereo system, and in the process will be adding a sub. it will LP @ 80HZ and 80HZ up will got to the dash speakers and to the roll bar speakers. the existing 6 3/4" sub will be disconnected. i was wanting to know if any one has used that spot for a mid bass, and if they had any problems. i am invisioning a passive crossover at about 250hz. so the 75WRMS i am sending to the little 4x6 would be split 250 up to 4x6 and 80-250 to a mid bass... any thoughts? under 250HZ is still non directional sound right?


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if ur looking for mids ud be better of getting an adaptor to switch the 4x6s to 5.25 component sets then ud get better mids and highs. as 4 the 6.75 onlinecarstereo has a kicker 6.75 woofer u could put there.

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I saw a custom car once with two 8" subs lined up in the center console. The interior was almost all fiberglass so that's alot of work just to have a couple subs right beside you. So depending on how far your seats are apart (I think the one I mentioned was a 350Z), you can put pretty much any sub you want in there.
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