Static with my Sirius Radio?

I have a car with an antenna that is on the rear window (not a physical antenna sticking out, but one directly on the window itself) and I have placed the FM out wire directly on it and still get static when I use the FM Tuner option for my radio. I have returned one radio to Sirius and the new one still has the same problem... any ideas?


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Well that's the problem with the antenna connectors like that. The FM signals vary from one area to another, try to find the frequency with the less noise or one that have no radio station. That will probably work but it could get noise if you go to a different area. My recommendation is to get other type of direct connection like some AUX inputs or a controller.

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try using a different fm channel for your sirius

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Not sure I understand. Are you getting static while trying to listen to Sirius? If so, have you tried changing freqs. on both the Sirius radio as well as the stock radio in the car. If your radios are on a station that comes in clear, you wont hear the satt. radio.

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the only way to do this right is to plug the SAT radio to the factory radio using a auxiliary audio interface ,this is available for most vehicles

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the fm system is not going to work in your vehicle because you have a rear window antenna and factory amplifier

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put the antenna on the roof about 6 inches from the windshield or back glass and in the center of the car then try changing the frequency on the fm transmitter and your stereo.i have had 5 sirius plug and play units and never had a problem and my dad is a truck driver and he doesnt have to many problems.i think it where you have the antenna is your problem or the route you are running the antenna might be getting interference from something else in your car.
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