How to bridge kenwood kac8152d?

I wanted to know if it's possible to bridge a kenwood kac8152d car amplifier for more power.What is the best way to have it connected.I have my kenwood amp thumping on two 12" kicker's and i have the speakers facing in to the car,will it sound better if i flip 'em and face the front of the speakers to the back of the car.


How do I set my deck and amp for good max bass?

Towards the back so the bass bounces of the rear then sort of amplifies and spreads out towards the listener. Bridging an amp puts in mono to get more bas. Your amp is already set up that way.

Can you add more power to your amp in your car?

its a 1 channel amp you cant bridge it. it just has 2 speaker inputs to make it easier to connect to subs. are your subs 4ohm or 2ohm and are they single or dual voicecoil(do they have 1 or 2 speaker connections if you dont know what that is) if single voicecoil 4ohm you can wire them like this and get 2ohm to get the max out of the sub

Hifonics amp with Kicker l7?

It's a MONO amp, 1 ch. Minimum load to amp, 2Ohms. That's all it'll do.
Face your speakers to the rear, about 3-4" from back. Many many tests have been done by SERIOUS (not meaning these chain store BB, CC, etc... losers) audio installer using VERY expensive equipment. All of which conclude that since bass soundwaves are so long, like 35 ft., they sound best faced to the rear so they have more area to 'whirl' around in.

Cd Player for my 1993 Lincoln town car?

Good Luck!
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