1999 Grand Am SE?

I want to add an aftermarket cd player. Does anyone know how to get the plastic console off around the radio in the car?


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There are no hidden screws or anything; the entire panel just pulls off. Pull carefully around the edges to release the pressure clips one at a time; once the first one comes free, the rest will be easier. Be careful around the key switch; the key switch molding is a separate piece, mounted over the dash bezel.

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I do believe that if you pull on the air vents which are either above or below the stereo they will come right out. It may require a little tug, but they are easy to put back on. Once you have those off then the plasic faceplate on the console should come off fairly easily.

Car stereo?!?!?

If you're bent on installing it yourself, you are going to have to climb under the dash and remove the factory radio from behind the dash, not out the front of it. Have you considered a trunk mounted model with a take-out control panel? Check it out! It's convenient, safer, and much easier to install. Also, if you sell the car you can keep your CD player and leave the factory stereo in tact without a hassle.

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best way is to grab it by the bottem and give it a good yank. the cirlce around your ignition will come out and go onto the floor. then un do the wires to the flashers and traction control. then put the key into the ignition, pull your parking brake, and turn the key to the first position. then move the shifter to 1st gear and move the panel out of the way. you dont need to undo the cigarette lighter wires, but you can if you want. theres your radio, your gonna need a 7mm (7 or 8mm, but i'm pretty sure 7) for the 3 screws that hold it in.

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good luck
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