Best amp for these subs?

I have two 12 kicker comps
300 watt peak
150 rms
4 ohms
what amp would best suit them and im on a budget i cant really afford anything of 150


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get a Kicker Zx300.1 amp. you want to match your max rms wattage with the amps rms wattage. the 300.1 gives you 300 watts rms, and its not too expensive either. get either that or te zx400.1. i have a 750.1 amp and they bump on my old fosgate audiophiles and alpine type s subs.

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You'll want to try to match RMS ratings. i doubt you'll get a sufficient amp for $150. Go monoblock, maybe an older model for the price. I like Alpine.

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Well, for starters, this may seem long but you'll in fact learn something from it...

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Kicker Comps are a very efficient sub, however, they can't handle an abusive amount of power over thier spec (usually only 50 watts in this case, sad but true). They simply don't have the design parameters to handle any abuse over thier rating. Unlike an Infinity or Fosgate of equal spec, don't push these subs.

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I have been an installer now for 10 years. Based on your budget and my experience I will suggest a brand that most don't approve of, or will not admit to liking. BOSS Audio. Boss doesn't build "junk", they simply build a standard or entry level class B mosfet amp that will outperform about 75% it's opponents of equal value. Take my 99 Tahoe for example, I just retired my two Infinity Kappa 12's from it. They were pushed by a BOSS Audio CH700 in 2 channel 2ohm load for over a year. They were pushed hard to. As an installer I often showcase the ability of lesser brands just by properly installing thier components. Paired with an adjustable gain, the amp outlasted my subs and guite frankly made them hit solid and clean. That very same amp is now pushing my new MTX T9512-44. Granted it isn't big enough to drive the 3000watt sub to it's true potential... it is doing just fine under the demanding circumstances.

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My honest suggestion is to consider the BOSS CH700, no less. Or research some of the less expensive brands like Power Acoustik as well. Now, for the quirk to your question... don't research other brands like SPL or MITZU Audio. I'll tell you why. Every year at SEMA, big economy brands like Pyle and Pyramid offer thier designs (usually overruns not quality controlled) to the highest dollar that wants a line of amps created to help start thier business. All you get from these types of brands is someones leftovers labeled with someones dream brandname disquised in a pretty color. A prime example... DUB Mag Audio by Audiobahn!

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Again, sorry to take so long, my last suggestion. If you want a true bang for the buck and are willing to spend about $25-$50 more... get a Hifonics amp with a 150-225 watt per channel rating and you will be very happy.

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I have two 12" kicker comp also and i'm using a 1100 watt amp.It's a kenwood amp and oh my it thumps so nice.real loud but is the link for one under $150 hurry up and buy it before it's gone there's only one available .these are retialed like at $270 .

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that will push 150 to each sub and its under 150 and free shipping since its over 100
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