135.0 db's on the scosche db meter. what am i realy doing, 2 12's he2 in ported box 1000 watts rms amp

this is the highest the meter will go. what could it be doing. two rockford fosgate punch rfp3212 he2 12's 400 watts rms each . 1.55 cubic foot air space per sub slot port box 1000 watt rms amp 2.0 farad cap . subs are in trunk ,back seats fold down


Hooking up a car audio system with 3 amps and 4 subs?

Take it to a reputable audio installation shop in your area and have them meter your system. They should have the program Term-Lab. This is THE program they use at competitions. The most accurate one out there.

How do I control my ipod menu on my touchscreen monitor in my car?

Build a box to RF's specs' and it'll be ALOT louder. Sound WAY better.

Starting my own car audio business?

Good Luck!

Sound Dampening?

u might need a better and bigger box to get more bass

Amplifier question?

I don't know the physic is not here today and we can not hear that far

How do i replace the factory stereo on a 2005 PT Cruiser without damaging the dash assembly?

i can tell one thing the box is to small i have th specs of the speaker and it calls for a
ported box volume 1.75 to 4.0 cubic feet
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