Question about rms and peak power?

i no that the rms os the sub(s) should add up to the amps value but wut about peak power? do to subs have to equal that too?

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like for example i got a 1200 watt amp( peak power) runnin at 200 x 2 omhs for 2 subs with rms each of 200. does the peak power of each need to be 600, 600 +600= 1200? or do i ignore peak power and stick with the rms equaling the amp?


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You should always use the RMS value in Hi Fi equipment like car audio. RMS means "root-mean-square" and is calculated by:
Peak value of power
__________________ = RMS value
1.41 421

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Root of 2 = 1.41421
The RMS is the average value of you amp. the peak value is an instantaneous value of some given interval. Manufacturers and sellers of HiFi equipment sometimes use peak values rather than RMS values, which makes the equipment seem more powerful than it is.

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Conclusion: You should always make note of the RMS value instead of peak power.

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u can pretty much ignore peak

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Ignore the peak power rating. There is no set standard for rating peak or max power, so most manufacturers pick a number based on marketing, not engineering. It's generally useless to compare peak power ratings between two different components.

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first you get better bass respone at 4 ohms. but you should be fine, as long as you never go to absolute full volume. peak jsut means what the amp will push at the loudest fq. you hardly ever hit peak, what is RMS on the, thats is you key, but i think you would be happier at 4 ohms.

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When finding the right speakers for an amp, go by rms ratings.
Get speakers whose rms rating is right under or right around the rms rating of the amp, at that given impedance.

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Good Luck!

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u dont need to worry bout peak. pretty much dont go over the subs peak power when running it. also that doesnt sound right about the 200x 2 ohms. usually to get the 1200 watt peak u run it at 2 ohms. so u sure u wrote that right. however i could be wrong. but for example. u have a 1200 watt peak sub with 750 watt rms. u want to run that between the rms and peak. so somethign liek 900 watts would be the best. also match the ohmage with the sub and amp.
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