Are these good speakers with this head unit?


Radio ???

Head Unit:

What is the best way to wire a dual 4-ohm voice coil subwoofer to a 2-channel 2-ohm (4-ohm stable bridged) amp

I dont need a sub or anything, I just want to replace the old speakers and put in a new head unit, please give me some suggestions or advice. Its a 1991 Mazda B2600i truck.


Why do I get screeching sounds thru speakers when car is running?

yeah ur deck ( head unit) is good. speakers are bad. however u cant get many speakers for ur type of car thats ruff .these are probly the best ones there. but i recomend looking more cuase those are tiny

Dead battery?

speakers suck cd player is ok. check for better choices and prices

Building another box for my solo-barics 4x4's?

yes it is a good set up but the speakers are to small
try to get a 6.1/2 or at least a 5.1/4 i know is posible in the door
if this are going in the dash you have to go with the 4" speaker
good luck
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