Amp / Deck settings for listening to Rock music in the car?

So I have a deck and an amp with an lpf setting for the bass contour. I listen to primarily rock / metal and have a 10" enclosed speaker. The reason I bought it is for hard hitting bass drum sounds (don't think techno, think a live metal show).

Need help determining if an amp will work in my car.?

That said, which setting would be ideal for a better rock kick drum sound? I have a choice of 50, 80, and 120 on the lpf setting, and a dialable setting on the amp from 20 to 160 for the amp lpf setting.

Can I bridge this amp and if I can how do I do it and what will the output be?

Thanks in advance :-)


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Look at the frequency response on the subs and set the LPF to just below the highest figure.

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Example if it's 20-200 Hz, set the LPF to about 170 Hz.

How much to buy for?

To properly set the gain on the amp, use this

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You'll need Microsoft Excel, a multi-meter and a way to burn an audio CD from an MP3.
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