Amp Wiring?

I want to upgrade and get a new amp to run in conjunction with my old one.

About Pontiac head units?

What I need to know is if there are any problems with running a 4 guage wire along side an 8 guage wire as long as i stay away from the signal cables?

Mtx 9500 wiring?

Also, can I splice my remote wire to 2 amplifiers?

Navigation units-Kenwood 6019 w/ G510 or Eclipse 6610?

Last, is there any problem with using the same grounding point (touch the two grounds from 2 amps) with 2 amps?

Can i use a weak amp on my subs or will it damage them?

Please don't tell me to get a distibution block because one of the wires is already run and that amp works fine. Just want another amp for the subs.


Can I switch XM satellite for Sirius in my car?

None of what you're planning will cause any problems at all, provided your power wires are properly fused and large enough for the current demands of the amplifiers they're connected to.

Mono amps can use more than 1 channel?.not sure...?


Can I replace the stereo in my 2002 Toyota Highlander?

well depends on were the ground is and of course how many watts i had a 2000 watt and a 400 watt amp spliced as you were sayin but thier was a little gound noise but i was using a 2 gage wire i hook up all my own stuff so...

Where can i get a cheap under backseat sub enclosure for a 95 chevy extcab?

when you say along side i don't know what that means.
If you are running two amps and want one wire going from the battery to the amps I would suggest running a 2g to a splitter, provided of course that it's not an absurdly powerful system. The remote wire: yea you can do that, that's what i did. Finally, a ground is a ground. I didn't use one ground because it was under a screw and the terminals would make it impossible to tighten, but i don't see why it would hurt. It's always nice to be on the safe side and screws on a car aren't rare.

My Alpine Stereo has an ipod adapter cable, but i have a problem.?

The problem with not wanting to run a larger wire because you don't want to is the possibility for fire. When you try to suck too much power from too small a wire it heats it up and will usually cause your amps to cut out. It's like trying to suck jello through a stirring straw.

Where can I get a, and what kind of radio wire harness do I need for a 2000 pontiac sunfire?

You can splice the remote wire and use the same ground location. As for running the 4 gauge along the 8 gauge shouldn't be a problem if they are both power wires.

Subwoofer enclosure volume?

You've got it down.
Remote wires can turn-on a couple of amps, but not too many.

Speaker and amp rms??

Good Luck!
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