Best Place to buy subwoofers/amps?

Where is the best place to buy subwoofers and amps. I'm interested in buying two kicker comp c12's and an amp to power them. Where can I find the best deal? ebay?


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Ebay is risky, but i have bought equip there and had no problems, and at the prices you "can" get. you could afford to buy it twice for the price of one from a retail or online store. i got a MTX amp that is 299 on crutchfield and 199, on woofers ect. i got this clean working amp for 65 delivered from ebay. But I would only recommend ebay, if you know what your doing for installation or if you plan to hire it done. if your a newbie and want to attempt the install yourself, then there is no question spend extra and go with crutchfield. They will walk you through it, step by step, wire by wire. as for speakers. i would consider woofes ect, or crutchfield, in fact every so often (even on the kickers you mentioned) crutchfield has a buy one get one free sale (few times a year) and they do not raies the price in order to to do that. so if your patient you can get a killer deal. Woofers ect. is typically cheaper than crutchfield's normal price, but lack customer support, but come on its a subwoofer. whats there to ask about. I would not go to ebay for speakers, you never know what environment tehy were stored in or if they are used if they were broke in properly, just too many factors can damage or limit the speakers performance, i would only buy new from a reputable place.

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try here

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I agree that crutchfield is probably one of the best places to shop for car audio... they have great customer support in my experience as well and there is no question on the intergrity of the parts as it is a business, unlike some people you can encounter on eBay unfortunately.

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they have a pretty good selection of subs and amps and boxes

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I shop at

Where is the best place to buy low priced car audio equipment? is a good choice and so is

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i'd try ebay, or

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good luck
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