Audio system in 01 dodge dakota?

I have a '01 Dodge Dakota 4dr SLT. I want to run second sound system to a box in the bed of the truck. But I want to use the existing c/d player and radio. Also, I want to put a switch on it to go from the speakers outside to the ones inside. First off, is this realistically possible? Second, what is the best approach to adding the second set of speakers (2- 6 1/2in and a sub) to the existing system?

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Certainly it's possible. Probably the best way to do it would be to mount a 4-channel amp inside the cabin. If you're using the stock radio, you'll need a line-out converter to get an RCA signal from the speaker wires. Two of the amp channels can be used for the 6 1/2" speakers, and the other two can be bridged to drive the subwoofer--be sure to pick a 4-ohm sub. Then you'll just have to run the speaker wires out of the cabin into the cargo area for the speaker box.

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A switch on the amplifier's remote wire will allow you to turn it off when the bed speakers aren't in use. There probably won't be an easy way to turn off the factory speaker system and keep the new speakers working (unless your Dakota is equipped with an Infinity sound system; then there's a way to do it).

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Even though you'd be using a 4-channel amp, you won't need a 4-channel line-out converter in your situation; just get a good quality one for the best sound. Here's one I like for a very good price (scroll down to the NE-7V).
If your truck's head unit is after-market, then you probably won't need a line-out converter.

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Edit: Okay, if you use the separate amplifier like I described, then the interior speakers will work at all times and the new speakers will work whenever you switch the amplifier on. If you're looking for a way to shut off the interior speakers whenever the new speakers are playing, here's how to do it using a double-throw switch:

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First, be sure to connect the line-out converter to the speaker wiring behind the radio, not to the wiring at the speakers themselves. This is important. I would suggest buying a pair of wire harness adapters: one like this and one like this . If you connect the two together, you'll have a "bridge" that you can put between your factory radio plugs and the factory radio. This will make working with the wires much, much easier and you won't have to cut any factory wires.

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You'll need to identify the amplifier turn-on wire in the factory harness. It's either green/red or light green in the factory plug, or blue if you used the adapters above. The correct wire will be located at one end of the black 7-pin plug. You will cut this wire and extend both ends to your double-throw switch. Connect the end that comes from the factory radio to the common terminal in the switch. Connect the other end to one of the output terminals. From the second output terminal, run a wire back to the remote input on your new amplifier.

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How it works: With the switch in the first position, the radio sends voltage to the factory amp turn-on and the interior speakers work. When you flip the switch, the voltage goes to the new amplifier instead; the interior speakers will shut off and the bed speakers will work. As long as your line-out converter is connected to the speaker outputs behind the radio, it will still be getting a signal even though the factory amplifier is shut off.
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