Are Kicker subwoofers really that good??

I read alot of peoples comments about kicker subs being awesome, so I took a look at there site. I can't decide wether to give them a go or not. The square subs db sensitivity isn't above 90 for any of there subs except one and by what i have been told, if the db sensitivity isnt above 90 then the sound quality isnt that great. Do Kicker subs have good sound quality? I believe they are loud but, is it just bass or is it good sounding bass. And are kicker subs good for a wide variety of music? I need some good info on kicker subs before i invest to see if they are really worth it. Here are the subs I am looking at, either 2 Kicker L5 12's or one Kicker L7 15"
Is kicker worth the price and if so, which set up should i get the two 12's or one 15. The two 12's would go in ported 3.25 cubic foot boxes and the 15 would go in the 6 cubic foot ported box.


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yes kicker is really that good. i have owned nothign else and all my friends have kicker. they pound wicked. and they sound great. im constantly getting compliments on my subs and they are 12 in and the old kicker subs. and they still pound jsut as hard as when they were new. kicker new line up with the solobarics are some of the best subs out there now. if i were u id go with the l7s. 2 12in. the square 12 in push pretty much as much air as a round 15.

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to me jl audio is the best
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