ANY ELECTRONICS WIZARDS, Legality Aside How Might I Modifiy Car FM Transmitter?

Where can I find simple instructions on how to modify an Ipod FM transmitter adapter so that the signal is increased. I have a basic understanding of electronics and want to increase the signal strength, yes I understand that this violates some rules but I'm really not concerned about that.


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You shouldn't have to. Any normal aftermarket FM modulator puts out an 80 Milli-watt signal and will give a full quieting signal to any FM car radio with a half way descent antenna.
We install tons of them in the trunks of motorcycles to add CD/GPS/Cell phone/etc. audio to any bike with an FM radio. Your problem may be caused by interference from an FM station on or near the frequency you are using. Tune the modulator to a different frequency. Most all of them come with at least four different frequencies available. To run higher RF power would defeat your purpose and just swamp your FM receiver.

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short of completely rebuilding it from scratch you won't be breaking any laws, the easiest way to improve it is a better antenna that is tuned to the frequency you use. Antenna length is dictated by the wavelength or a part of it (ussually 1/4 or 1/8th). Search for information about building antennas for FM radio and the same parts for getting better reception will also work for transmission. To increase the actual output power will require stronger mosfet amplifiers etc which will make the original unit essentially worthless.

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Go with a modulator vs. a wireless transmitter. Much better signal.

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