ABout Car Speakers?

Hi all, i just purchased a pair of Kingwood 1000Watt car speakers (6x9) from ebay.

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Ive told a couple of people and theyve really put me off
because they say i need a 2000watt amp with it.
and also they say its way too much and it can ruin the car ( the battery of the car and something else)
so now im thinking of getting rid of them.
is this all true though? and also does that mean they are 1000watts each? or 500watts each?


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Kingwood is a cheap flea market type speaker.i am sure you got a good deal, however i would reccomend, getting a reasonable pair from a reputable name. Unfortunately there are no laws to protect the consumer from a manufacturer lieing about specs within the car audio world. and the truth is that these speakers could never hold 1000watts of power. i suspect that they are around 50 watts. and that means each speaker. if you are to keep them i would look for a realatively cheap 2 channel; amp. and if you are not running a subwoofer, i would even recommend looking for a amp with "bass boost" because 6x9's do produce fair bass if installed properly. .I listed below a link to some good reasonable amps and seakers (note that they give a real power rating)

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1000 watts does not mean that is what they opperate on at all times that is the maximum power they can handle for a certain amount of time. you dont have to have a 2000 watt amp. depending on what kind of amp you buy you can power both speakers with less power as some amps are bridgable. Check with the service reps at a place such as best buy and they can point you in the right direction. and no the speakers wont ruin the car. YOu may have to run a capacitor so that you dont drain the battery and overload the alternator.

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they look like a cheap noname brand and can prolly only handle around 20watts rms. ur better off getting rid of them and going with a better brand. if u have a pricerange to stay in let me know and i can recommend something

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LOL i have a 50 wats amplifier that will make your 6x9 smoke in 5 minutes they don't hold that power
they are the worse and cheap speakers in the marquet

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like other pople before my suggest get rid of them and buy some decent brand speaker

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good luck

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honestly a 1000 watt speaker sounds like bull to me. get rid of them and get some other brands like alpine or kicker.

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No comment. These jerks covered it for me...

Will a 200 watt car stereo unit be enough to power two 240watt and two 300 watt speakers? Will I need an amp?

Good Luck!
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