97 BMW 5 series CD changer question?

2 questions:

Im trying to build a buget system i have 2 comp 12 kickers whats a good amp to git iv seen the legacys?

I just got this car and i noticed it doesn't play burned/copied CD's or mp3's. Do i have to (or can I) get a new cd changer from the dealer, or am i just doing something wrong? also, can i hook up an Ipod to this? i don't want to do it through RF, is it possible to unhook the cd changer wire (if it's an rca) and hook it up to the ipod? please help. I haven't owned a cd in years and now i'm stuck listening to radio commercials all them time. thanks.


I have a 2002 ford taurus 4DR SEDAN and I want to get a new radio, speakers,and subwoofer.?

I found all the items you are looking for

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for ANGUSTUS what are talking about ?
labor just to install a cd player on that car with the correct interface or rewiring the vehicle because of the factory amplifer and if dsp is over $200.00 no cd player
also there is no 6x9 on that car is a bmw not a chevy,ford

I have 2 600 watt rms 12" Soundstorm subs and as far as watts what amp should I get to max them out?

in a 97 your factory radio pretty much sucks; Alot! no burns, no mp3 definently no ipod or hd radio, and satelite anything is out of the question. the dealer might be able to do something for you but dont count on it ,plus they'll prob. charge you out the *ss for it.
They did not start putting in advance cd players in till 99 and even now most factory radios dont play mp3 cd's

Pyramid from kenwood?

Best bet is to get a radio from a descent car accessory store (they usually have good deals) or go to best buy. you can choose whichever option is best for you mp3 cd, flash stick, statelite, hd tuner.
Just know that you will have to pay for installation, a car kit(radio harness) ,wire kit, and possibly an antennea adapter- all of this should cost you no more than a lil over $200 depending on how much you pay for the radio
going to a small shop could be the difference in price where you can negotiate v.s. a franchise where all prices are set in stone.
hope this helps

while your at it you'll notice more power in your speakers when you change the radio out- so start pricing 6x9's (speakers in the rear) in case you blow your factory set or just want better quality

What is the best to buy base/moble ham radio / schematic/ parts list/ step-by-step instruction to build?

get the ipod interface

My capacitor has 4 terminals 2 pos. and 2 neg. need help wiring?

you need to seat inside a 5 series, bmw the radio sound clear on that car there is 3 speaker per door :)
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