3 4 OHM svc subs wired @ 1.34 ohms?? LOOK PLEASE?

if a sub is rated @ 400 watts rms, it doesn't matter how many ohms the load is that you're running to the amp, the sub is STILL 400 watts RMS right? I read differently somewhere and I thought it didn't sound right so I'm just checking. THANKS


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dont get confused with these thing, worry about wether your amp can handle and is stable at 1 ohm load and wether its sending out roughly 1000-1200watts rms. Overpowering your subs can cause it to fail as well.
and yes, the sub is still rated at 400watts rms:)

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You are right. The subs are rated to HANDLE 400 watts rms. The impedance will only affect how many watts you send to those subs.

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Correct, however since you have three subs, the total power handling is now 1200 watts RMS @ 1.34 ohms.

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