What is the best soundproofing material for my car?

I've seen Dynamat and some other similar brands, but I am wondering if anyone has had any luck with a particular brand or material. I'm looking into doing my doors only. Thanks for the help.


Where is the off button on the alpine cda 9856.?

Dynamat 36sq. ft. for $200. B- Quiet 50 sq. ft. for $84. Just as good as Dynamat. I have it all in my truck. I am very satisfied.

My car radio fuse keeps blowing i just installed a radio help,?

go with dynamat you can get it on onlinecarstereo.com or sonicelectronix.com for pretty good prices

How is it possible to wire a car amplifier up to in doors socket?

i personally use dynamat it is the best i have seen my friends use fat mat and other cheap stuff but it starts to fall off after like an hour. the door kit by dynamat is like 90 bucks small price to pay considering all it does for ur panels. good luck!!!

Ne1 know the factory size of the speakers in a 94 gmc Sierra?

Cascade Audio is a good alternative that is generally cheaper than Dynamat, but Dynamat definitely performs well, for doors you'll want the more expensive extra thin material that is more dense so the door panels/windows/etc wont be interfered with.

What are some good (and bad) brands of tape decks?

go to any parts store and ask them.

Can using a 400watt mono-amp Ruin a 1200watt Subwoofer?

I have used that dynamat before and it works pretty good. also had to spray some of that expanding foam too which worked good too.

Subwoofer question?

Hushmat is what i use. seems to work fine.
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