AMP at 1 OHM?

I have a Orion 600D monoblock Amp that is going to be pushing a Kicker 10" L7, the amp is rated at 600watts RMS @ 1 Ohm and is stable to 1 ohm my ? is if i hook the 2 Ohm sub (that also can handle 600watts RMS) in parrellel to achive the 1 Ohm load and turn my amp and boost all the way up will i frye my amp??


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Fry your amp? I doubt it. Fry your sub? yes!

Wiring in series..will this double the ohm draw from the amp?

You know that little knob that says GAIN DOES NOT MEAN VOLUME!!!

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The gain control is a "matching" device that matches your amps imput to your headunits output. do not turn it all the way up unless your headunits preouts are .2 volts!

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Now as far as bassboost. that will make the amp produce MORE that 600 watts and throw a clipped signal to the sub! You know what that means? Sub is toast!

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So I guess my answer would be no don't do it ;)

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technically, the amp says its 1 ohm stable, but i would be very VERY skeptical about this claim. I would imagine youd end up frying it at that load. pretty much all non-very-high-end (aka not this amp) are not true 1 ohm stable.

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I wouldnt turn the gain all the way up if you decide to run it at 1 ohm. 2/3 at most.

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you need 2 2ohm subs in parallel to achieve a 1 ohm load. Too much gain (boost) is never a good thing. just turn it high enough till the sub reaches its limits.

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Just because an amps 1 ohm stable doesn't mean it's best to run it at that.

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Your tire runs best a 35 PSI so you don't run it at 75 PSI do you?

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It's always best to run your amp at a higher impedance (ohm)load at the right power than overdriving it to get it to push the power.

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If you want 600 watts RMS, get two 300 watt 4 ohm DVC subs and a mono amp that's 600 watts RMS @ 4 ohm and run the subs like so

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See my site for more info

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What! Impedance rating? Don't listen to sg300c. It will work fine. If the amp doesn't get hot you'll be alright. Just keep testing it.
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