What kind of amp do i need for a 12 inch dual subs?

About how much would an Amp for that cost too?


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It depends entirely on the subs that you have. Some would be fine with only 100 watts rms each, while others might each require their own amp running 1000+ watts rms. We definitely need more information to answer your question. The cost is also variable depending on how much power you need.

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I would use a mono block JBL, Fosgate, or MTX of at least 500 watts depending on the RMS rating of the 12's. Your going to spend at least 3 bills on a solid, quality mono sub amp.

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First, don't listen to anyone who suggests anything since you haven't provided any real useful information.

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What you do need to do is find a mono amp that matches the watts RMS of your subs at the caclulated impedance (ohms).

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Be sure the amp is 2006 CEA Compliant.

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Here is some information:

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