Amp/sub hook up question?

I have a Percision Power A200.2 art series amp, 2 channel that gets 200x1@ 4 ohms(bridged)- i think. The only sub I have right now is a low quality 8" roadmaster rsw80 sub with these specs...
•*200 Watts of Instantaneous Peak Power per Pair
• 1" X 11/2" Magnet
• 1" KAPTON Voice Coil
• 4 Ohm Impedence

Best way to control bass level of subwoofer.?

How should I bridge this with my amp? Will I get the most watts from my amp? Thanks


What will work better?

To bridge it just splice your two outputs from the amp so that both channels go to your woofer.

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You don't want to put 200w rms (root mean square) on your amp against 200w peak on your woofer though.

Where do i connect the remote wire when installing an amp in a ford mondeo?

the size of the magnet and voice coil don't matter.

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Go to

Sub question, if i hook up my vc in parallel to get 1 ohms how does that effect my rms amp watts?

Just thought you and your buddies would want to know. Loud bass is now the theme for Gay Rights replacing the rainbow flag on your car. The louder, the better.

JL Audio W3 question?

Same with loud exhausts. Signs for that are all over my town and I've heard in other states. The Brokeback Mountain Brothers sign these signs. So good luck driving around with your sound. If you get weird looks, you'll know why.
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