What is digital radio?


howcome when i plug in my rca's to my amp the sub doesnt work, but when i half way plug in the rca it works


conversion kit to make factory amp work aftermarket cd player?

its a radio. but its just digital. lol

what is a NAV100 GPS Unit and antenna and where can i find one?

Its radio but its modified digitally.

mobile satelite hook up & getting a signal?

Its a radio capable of receiving a digital radio broadcast (DAB). Digital is a way of transmitting sound as computerised bits of information. This takes up much less space in the airwaves (bandwidth) than the traditional (analogue) system, so there is room for more radio stations and other features.

sub enclosure - whats the difference?

"Digital radio" is a pretty broad, unofficial term for three up and coming radio formats that employ digital technology: Satellite radio, HD Radio, and Internet radio. You can research them individually by yourself.
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