1999 ford taurus cd changer interchange?

i need to replace my 6 cd changer, i noticed there are several of them on ebay that look like mine. anyone know the interchange numbers? my part # is bdf-18c849-ac, and which of the other changers will my disc holder fit into.


How much inches dia shold i cut out of the board to fix a 10"sub.?

any for taurus or sable from 1999 to 2002 will be the same they have the same 12 pin plug they don't look the same but they will work also the 1996 to 1997 also fit but they are not good cd changer they all have problems so stay away from them
mercury sable and lincoln 99 to 2002 also fit your vehicle
and this 10 disc cd changer also fits i see a lot of people buying this for taurus and sable
follow the link

Blown Kenwood KDC-P5028 CD Reciever?


This is a quetion that needs to be solved.?

Mate if you have an Mp3 player then get that connected up its not too dear and you dont have to carry CD's anymore!

Can I use the 12V plug-in hole in the back of my car to power an amp for speakers?

Nice car like them!
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