2 12" KICKER L7 w/ 1600 rms HIFONICS AMP w/ 4 far. cap will i need alt/batt?

what im trying to figure out is i have a 1997 "extended cab" lol nissan hardbody p/u. And i am putting 2 12" kicker L7 rated at 1500 watts rms (both together) with a brutus bxi1606d 1600x1 @ 1ohm rms. With a 4 fared power acoustik capacitor. with 2 gauge wire.

Is the new rf T1500-1bd as good and powerful as the old zapco studio 500? which is better?

What im wonder is will my alternator and battery be okay. with this setup? I absolutely do not want to spend MORE money on another battery OR alternator. if i haft to i will. your opinions PLEASE


12000 Watt Kicker System?

It'll be putting a lot of strain on your alternator. That amp can pull about 150 amps(fuses are 80x2). I would at least upgrade your main battery to something like an optima yellow or blue top. The life of your alternator will be greatly reduced, but should live for a while. You will probably notice dimming lights, and the car may stutter right when the bass hits if you don't upgrade the alternator, but other than that you should be ok.

Amplifier, Woofer, Sub Woofer?

get a good battery and u willl be good

What is wrong with my system?

Ditch the cap. It will only put more stain on your electrical system. Purchase a HO alternator and upgrade the wiring under the hood.

99 tiburon stereo wire color codes?

First, go ahead and see if the system works alright w/o any upgrades. Many trucks have beefy alternators as it is. But there's no need for the capacitor - sell it and save yourself some money.

Wat is the best scanner or detector that actually works nd how much is it and where can i find it?

i've none a few people with at least 2 L7's and similar setups and never had analternator or battery problems. But if you want 2be completly sure think about eventully purchasing an audio battery and running your amp of them. this will also help you get the max power at yo amp

Can you get cd players only?

it depends on the output of ur battery. if its under 650cca id upgrade to a better battery

I have a panasonic car cd player model CQ_C1400N whenever i turn the volume up loud it turns itself off?

NICE ! I have the same set up ! Look by experience you will DEFINETLY need a Better battery ! I recomend you to get a Kinetik Battery. Or Optima is secondary Option. My alternator gave out after about 10 months after I got my system and they said it was due to my Sound System ! What I did was went to AutoZone and Bought an Alternator with a lifetime warranty so if my sound system messes it up I will replace it for free ! LOL

How can you tell when a sub is about to blow?

i have went through alot of systems in my truck and have found out that caps are a waste of money and do very little for your sound. I would go to the auto parts store and buy the biggest marine battery you can fit in your vehicals battery tray. you may need to have your alternator rebuilt if it is an older vehical. marine batteries are much better than an optima battery. they try and sell you things you do not need.

Kenwood DPX-501?

Here is a guide that will help determine power wire size, correct gain settings and whether or not you need an alternator upgrade:

How to upgrade my car audio in my 2004 monte carlo?

You'll need Microsoft Excel, a multi-meter (AC volt meter) and a way to burn an audio CD from an MP3.

What speakers should I buy for my car?

If you don't have Excel, let me know and I'll send you the required info in an E-mail. sparky3489@yahoo.com

Help finding the Pioneer Avic N3 Navigation system under $1000?

See my site for more info http://spkrbox1.spaces.live.com...

CAP not working right??

Sell the capacitor. You could have 500,000 farads and none of which will do you ANY good.
By adding more caps and batteries, your alt is forced to charge more electronics, which WILL kill it.

What is the largest manufactured car amplifier?

Do this and you'll notice what they say caps are supposed to do:
Do the Big3 Upgrade (power -charge- wire from alt. to batt., ground from batt. to frame, and ground from frame to engine block) all in 4g or bigger wire.
Dimming lights, ground noises, and voltage drop will be things of the past.
Or try this, add the cap and check voltage while system is cranked. Then remove the cap, do the Big3 Upgrade and measure voltage again. The Big3 does what caps are sold for (marketing scam, DON'T waste your money).

I got a crossfire vr1000 going to 1, 4 ohm 12" diamond d9 how many rms is the amp?

Good Luck!
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