2007 Mazda 6 6-disc cd changer won't play my mp3's?

I recently bought a 2007 Mazda 6 5-door and it came with a 6-disc cd changer. the instruction manual said that it plays mp3s so i made a cd full of mp3s and couldnt wait for my car to be filled with 700mb worth of mp3 x 6! however, wen i put the mp3 disc in, the cd player would not play it. i could see it stuck on track 1, and time passing by, but there is no sound whatsoever. how do i make it play mp3s?? is there a special program you have to download, etc?

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*i know it plays burned cds because i burned a couple songs on a blank cd (but made it a 12-track audio disc)

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any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks!


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There's no program you can download (to your car, I'm assuming you mean), but try the disk in another MP3 player to make sure you made it right, and double check the docs - maybe they need a specific MP3 format (in terms of quality) in order to play.
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