What size wire do I need to run 100 amp's 150 feet?


OEM subwoofer.?

better get some welding lead :)

What's the best set up for a 15"?

An 8 gauge wire would be fine. Check your local wal-mart. I believe that they have a guide book to look at for customers that want to install systems.

TOM TOM navigation thing, please help?

what voltage? a.c. or d.c. ? single or three phase ?

how to get more bass out of subwoofer?

8 gage wire

Can someone tell me the make and model No of the cd multi changer fitted in the 2001 land rover freelander?

Since we are in the audio section, amps is not a consideration for speaker runs.

selecting car woofer is a big pain..help me anybody?

The determination is found by knowing the "load" placed on the amplifier (2ohm, 4ohm, 8ohm).

What sort of factory audio system can I expect to find in my '96 Toyota Camry?

But, the key is the ammount of resistence. Wiregages are the answer. 10ga is 1.00 per thousand feet, 12ga is 1.59, 14ga is 2.5 and 16 ga is 4.02.

14" speakers?

Applied to speakers being fed by the amp, consider this. Wire gage, follwed by load, followed by max distance.

What is the best car cassette adaptor?

10ga, 2ohm = 60', 4ohm = 120', 8ohm = 240'

I have 1 alpine 12" type x with 1200 jbl amp if i get anther type x on that 1 amp will it sound bad?

12 ga, 2 = 40', 4 = 75', 8 = 150'

How do i get the code for a VW Gamma car radio?

14ga, 2 = 24', 4 = 48', 8 = 95'

Crossover settings?

16ga, 2 = 15', 4 = 30', 8 = 60'

What do I need to do for my infiniti G35's sound system (subs)...?

These are the figures that will result in your amplifier using no more than .5dB (6%) of the amplifiers power to push the signal to even get it to the speaker. More than these lengths will rob significant power, usually resulting in a thermal shutdown, if the amp has this protection. If not, then you will also encounter problems with "current hogging", where the hottest output transistors try to hog all of the load, which heats them more, which makes the carry more, and so on. This is called thermal runaway, and is a problem with conventional bi-polar output devices, as they have a positive temperature co-efficient.

what are 2 way 3 way and 4 way speakers?

If your amp is using MOSFET output devices, these have a negative temperature co-efficient, which means as it heats up it becomes more resistive to thermal increase.
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