Amp wiring problems?

ok i have two subs and two amps how do i wire the sub so it is in a two ohm load in my amp. I have a rf 2 ohm dual voice coil sub and a rf bd1000 2 ohm stable amp. Also i have a rf team dual voice coil 1 ohm sub and a kicker 1200.1 1 ohm stable amp how do i make that a 1 ohm load


Bazooka tubes vs standard sub boxes. Opinions?

Your all kinds of backwards.

I have one 12 in. pioneer premier and 2400w lanzar what would be the best way to hook it up.?

The dual 2 ohm can be wired for 1 ohm like so

How do I wire a 3 channel jensen amp in mono to push subs only?

The dual 1 ohm can be wired for 2 ohms like so

Can anyone help me install a amp in my 2007 ford fusion?

mixing subs will sound like al sharpton getting hit in the face with pepper spray. DONT DO IT

Does alpine sell a 10 inch sub bass package?

no way to get a dvc 2 ohm sub to 2 ohms anyway. Just trade for another like sub.
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