What kind of Speaker system can i get with 350 dollars. Anything from a store that bangs?

I'm talkin subs and amps whats the best i can get?


How many watts do I need in my car amplifier for 2 10in speakers?

look for the best buy deals.

Boss Amplifiers.?

i picked up a pair of L.A.subs and a sony amp for $300 even.

Why does my car stereo always play the same songs when set to random?

Nope- you can throw a set of subs in anything you want.

Why my cd player in my infinity G20 2000 keeps having errors?

ill tell you for $298 bucks at best buy you can rock good.Plus $50 for the box.You get a amp plus two 12in subs and the box.I bought one for my sons car and installed it and it is awesome for the money.His friends have from eight hundred to fifteen hundred in theirs and dont sound any better.The brand is their brand insigna.It comes in a package.

record DVD to cassette?

It doesn't matter what kind of car you have, but any one of my amp's cost less than $350. So I recommend that you save up some more money. All you can get for $350 is a decent head unit and maybe a couple of pairs of lower end all in one speakers. Try www.crutchfield.com to give you some ideas.

Amplifier power?

well my system (just my amp and subs and dual box, and headunit) costed around 420, so if you can cough up a little extra you can get my nice setup. Its nothing proffesional, but who needs that anyway. Theres a barrier where sound damages your ears, and my setup goes beyond that. So here it is.

Does anyone have a recommendation on a car GPS?

-pioneer deh-2700----$115.00
-pioneer gm5200-T amplifier 760 watt---i got for around $115.00
-$60.00 dual sub box
-2 pioneer ts-w256c/svc subs---$150.00

how do u install subwoofers for your car?

Don't bridge anything with that amp though, it likes to suck too much juice so it always shuts off continuously because of the overload. Just wire the subs independantly to two different channels. Put on a very bass heavy song and turn gain up till subs cut out, then turn it back a little (this lets you get the most out of the amp) and there you go. Mine rattles the jeep, so try it out.

Stereo installation '97 geo prizm, wire colors?

Yeah you definatley can. you could get nice speakers and a ned head unit for about $200 if u really wanted. $350 might get u a sub and an amp if ur lucky. check this website...best prices ive seen.

I NEED HELP DESIGNING A SUB BOX for 2 P2 10's in a pathfinder!?

cardiscountstereos.com have alot of subs for very cheap. i bought 2 audiobahn dvc twelves for 200 bucks and they rock. but i had to buy a 500 dollar amp to push them.
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