6.5 inch speakers with bass?

The maximum size rear deck speaker for my Camry is 6.5 inch. Has anyone had any personal experience with any 6.5 inch speakers that actually had some bass using an aftermarket head unit?


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I inherited my aunt's '96 Camry, and recently replaced the factory rear speakers with a pair of JBL GTO627s ($89.99 from Crutchfield.com). They are a very significant improvement over the original speakers, and put out plenty of undistorted bass--not as much as with a subwoofer, but perfectly satisfying nonetheless.

Is kicker a good brand?

Are they factory speakers? If you want bass get som sub's they will do the job then you can use your speakers for your high's

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go with a 6.5 component set. you get a lil better bass

Added sub, now speakers wont work?

bass with 6.5's is almost an oxymoron. If you like it loud then you need subs and bass blockers. Otherwise some 6.5's will do decent bass. go to crutchfield and do the online chat thing, they'll hook you up.

Are Kicker subwoofers really that good??

Component Alpine 6.5 The woofer alone weighs about 7 lbs.

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There are really no 6.5" subs in the market that i know off, but a good set of components will do if they are a good brand. but dont expect much bass from them.

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Try Adire Audio. They have a 6.5" that hit like 138db in a prototype box. Don't believe me (most don't, I know), go to their site -real speaker makers. CRAZY excursion (what is needed for loud, low bass).
With the right box, any speaker can put out significant bass. Problem w/ that is, most (almost all) small speaker makers don't include t/s parameters for their speakers (which is REQUIRED to make the RIGHT box for a speaker. The box Makes or Breaks output from a driver. But unless you want to design the right box (Mucho, Mucho math REQUIRED) for little speaker-bass-output, you're better off purchasing a small powered sub. MTX Thunderform. Stay away from Bazooka, Audiobahn, etc...
Good Luck!
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