Amplifier ohms??

i have 2 500watt 4ohm svc subs and a 1000watt 2 channel amp. i want them to ruin at 2ohms cuz i heard thats the maximun power.

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amp specs:
Power Output: 1000 Watts @ 4 Ohms Bridged
Power Output: 2 x 500 Watts @ 2 Ohms Stereo
2 Channel Stereo or 1 Channel Bridged Mono Amp
High and Low Level Inputs
Thermal, short circuit, and overload protection circuit
0 - 18 db variable bass boost @ 45 Hz
Full MOSFET circuitry
2 ohm stable
THD: <0.05%
High pass crossover 50Hz – 250Hz
Low pass crossover 50Hz – 250Hz
Dimensions (2"H x 10"W x 13"L)

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sub secs:
Power Handling Capabilities
250 Watts Minimum to 500 Watts Maximum
Single 4-Ohm Voice Coil
50 Oz. Magnet
Mounting Depth: 5.6”
Mounting Diameter: 9.2”
Optimum Vented Box: 1.75 Cu/Ft
Round Port Diameter: 4” X 9”
Square Port Area: 2.5” X 6” X 11.5”
Optimum Sealed Box: 1 Cu/Ft
Tuning @ 40Hz
keep in mind that i am a girl and dont know what any of this means. is 2 ohms posssibe without damage??


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Ideally you woul dwant to match the watts RMS between the sub and amp at the same impedance (ohms) for each.

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Running an amp at 2 ohm will give more power, but at a price. The amp will run hotter and not last as long.

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People don't realize to run the power you want at a more reasonable load. Meaning it's better to run a system at 500 watts RMS at a 4 ohm load than it is 500 watts at a 2 ohm load. It's the same 500 watts, but you get better sound quality and a longer lasting amp because your not straining it to push as hard.

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See my site for more info

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run the two subs together and bridge the amp

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Long story short yes, but if you turn it up loud you will blow your amplifier so why would you do it? I parallel my front speakers down to 2.9 ohms to get more sound balance from the front in the living rm because I'm still using the Hafler effect for the rear speakers on a 30 year old classic Sansui amp but why would you want to?

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You can't do this. The amp can't be bridged below 4 ohms, and running the subs in parallel would achieve a 2 ohm load. Your amp will shut down. You can still use your equipment, but you'll have to run the subs in series. This will only pull half the power that the amp is capable of, but it will work. See this site for wiring details:

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The best way to hook this system up is with 1 subwoofer per channel and the amplifier run in stereo. Your amp will only produce about 1/2 it's rated power but it's really the only way to do it without buying different subs, or amps. I don't recommend wiring the subs in series for two reasons.
1) wiring them in this way will cause a slight phase difference between the subs and actually decrease bass output.
2) When you wire subs in series you will only have the power handling ability of a single sub, so even if you have subs that can handle a total of 500 watts individually, wiring them in series makes them only handle 250 watts.
If you hook your amplifier up at 2 ohms but it is rated at 4 ohms you will eventually damage the amplifier.

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Well I will give you a little of my own knowledge, I had a 1 ohm stable amp. ran it at 1 ohm wide open... done after 2 months. Got a new one of the same amp from warrenty, its at 2 ohms and I still have it. save yourself the trouble of heat and run them each channel at 4 ohms... besides you are only losing 3dBs You will never notice the difference
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