Anyone know anything about Cadillac CTS Audio systems?

I just bought an '03 CTS and I have an amp and subwoofers that I would like to hook up. I don't want to replace my existing audio system seeing as the radio not only controls the radio but other things in the car as well, so replacing it would make me lose all of the extras. It has a stock amp in it along with a stock subwoofer. It has a Bose premium system already in it that came with the car. We have hooked it up, but can't get it to sound that great. Does anyone know the wiring diagrams for the stock amp, or have any advice on how to do this?? Thanks!!


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I strongly disagree with the answer above. You can add the amplifier and subwoofer pretty easily in this vehicle; what you'll need is a line-out converter, and you should connect it to the speaker wire between the factory amplifier and the factory subwoofer. This will give your amp the right frequency range to run aftermarket subs, and there's no reason it wouldn't sound excellent with a good quality line-out converter.

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You do not need any special modules for your "data bus" system since you'll be tapping in after the factory amp. It would be a challenge to tap into the factory system between the radio and the factory amplifier, but the output signal from the amp to the speaker isn't any different from any audio system anywhere, as long as you pick a speaker that carries the same frequencies you want your amp to carry.

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You can disconnect the factory subwoofer or leave it running; the new system will work the same either way.

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My advice is don't do that - factory stereos are junk. Unless your factory head has RCA outs it's going to sound like **** with an aftermarket amp. Don't buy junk American cars in the future.

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"Line out" converters have horrible sound quality. There is a reason high quality after market head units and amplifiers use RCAs.

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there is nothing wrong with hi/low converters or using your factory radio
it is a good idea and i will work good
the only thing you need is a good hi and low interface
here is the link to one it is a full range output that taps in to all the channles of your factory radio this interface won't lower the base when you increase the volume
good luck

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For vehicle specific wiring diagrams, as well as ANY info you'll need on ANYTHING that's operates off of 12volts DC, go to and join their forums. They'll have everything you'll EVER need to know about car audio. It'll make this sparky (you know, the top "contributor" here) look like a beginner.

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This goes to anyone reading this. This is the most complete website for 12 volt electronics.

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Good Luck!
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