94 Pontiac sunbird Cd player installation?

I have a harness for the hookup of the cd player, I hooked it up to the silver box behind the factory radio like I was told by Soundafex, but I can't get any power to the cd player, the original factory radio still works while the cd player is installed, so the fuse is not blown, what could be wrong?


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In that vehicle, the silver box is the main amplifier/tuner box for the system, and it sends power to the radio control unit and the cassette player (if equipped). When you install an after-market CD player, you should be pulling the main power and speaker plug out of the tuner/amp pack and connecting it to your new harness instead. If your factory radio still turns on, then you have not pulled the power/ground plug out of the factory tuner/amp pack.

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The plugs you need may be joined together, but they consist of a 4-pin plug for rear speakers, a 4-pin plug for front speakers, and a 6-pin plug that provides constant and accessory power, ground, and illumination wiring. These 3 plugs may be separate, or they may all be joined into one, but you need all 3 pieces to connect to your new harness or it won't work.

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wires maybe

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You missed something.
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