'02 Toyota Tacoma 2.7 liter improve gas mileage ?

I want to know if I cut some holes in my air filter cover and cover the holes with a wire mesh; will that help improve my fuel economy?? Also, my truck has 106k miles on it. Do you ever have to change the fuel injectors?? How do you know if one is not performing properly? Any advice is appreciated.


Can bad O2 sensors cause car to backfire?

Holes in the air cleaner is the wrong way to get more mpg. You're creating a temporary lean condition that the computer will eventually compensate for by injecting more fuel. I would just make sure that the air filter is not dirty and leave it at that.

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Injectors do wear out over time. Typically, leaky seals will cause emissions problems at idle and clogged injectors will have spray distribution problems at speed. A clogged injector may cause mpg problems but the computer should pick it up before you'd notice it at the pump. An ECU trouble code check would reveal a problem injector.

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Do you have a tonneau cover or have the rear tailgate removed? The extra drag from a closed tailgate will make a noticable difference to your mpg. If you need to haul things, get a tonneau cover to get a similar effect.

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There are many ways to theoretically improve your mpg but most are too small to notice. The biggest influence on mpg is your right foot.

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cutting holes won't do anything. it's all computer controled. injectors rarely go out , but if they do you might feel a miss or lack of power

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It is because of the smaller cc not really because of the gas mileage. How about 2.0L compare to 3.5L? You know what I mean?

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2.7L is too small for Tacoma. At least 3.0L is the minimum.

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It just like 2.0L in a Hummer? Now, you know what I want to say? haha..
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