**can i remap my own ecu using obd s/ware got from ebay**?

**can i remap my own ecu using obd s/ware got from ebay**?
am looking for an answer for a friend. The question is: Can you chip a VW/Audi by plugging a laptop in and upgrading/changing the software? i.e. without requiring new actual hardware or chip.

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I have a laptop and also the correct cables/software for connecting to the car and changing service intervals / reading errors etc.

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Car is a '51' plate 130 bhp golfPD Diesel 1.9.


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In theory... yes.
What you need is :
1. Laptop/PC with USB or Serial COM port
2. VAG-COM software for diagnostic check
3. Flasher for reading original file from ECU and then uploading/overwriting with the modded file
4. Correct Cables (OBD2 and possibly KKL)
5. Software for modding the file e.g WinOls

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If you bought from eBay, chancea are its the KWP2000 or something similar. These are cheap clones and have been known to mess up the ECU and possibly render it useless. When you write to the ECU, the car battery voltage needs to be constant... any drop or surge in the voltage could interrupt the writing process or worse still damage the ECU.

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Secondly, the modded files... most eBayers are selling the 30,000 odd ready tuned files. Don't touch them even with a barge pole! Remapping your ECU properly involves changing the values in the original maps/files. You can't just use pre-tuned ones. This can be done using software such as WinOls. If you don't know how to use it then companies such as Chipped UK will charge £50 to Mod the file for you. You just email it over to them.

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I would recommend getting the car remapped from somebody who knows what they're doing. For your car they should charge between £200 -£250 max. (that dosnt include rolling road?Dyno). Just search eBay

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if its OBDII yes, it doesn't use chips, just reprogrammers
in american cars 1996-up cars are OBDII, not sure about german

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I wouldn't recommend it to be honest, you may cause more problems. Please take the car to a garage and get them to check it!!

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I work for an ECU manufacturer in th UK and the amount of problems we have when people have updated their own is shocking..

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I own a shop, and do a lot of computer work on vehicles. You can in fact do this, but it will cause problems in the end, and you will void any warranty on the vehicle by messing with the program. I saw one where they flashed the computer, and changed the parameters on a VW. It then developed a shifting problem with the transmission that could not be resolved. Even the dealer can't fix the car until the owner buys a new computer. When the vehicle gets to a certain speed, it stops pulling the wheels like you had put the transmission in neutral. There is no problem with the transmission, but there is a problem with the computer. Unless the computer is put back in the factory mode, NO-ONE can resolve the issue. To answer your question; Yes you can do this, but you got to know how, and how to put it back like it was in the event the new parameters don't work out. Check the link at the bottom, this is a company that can help you out.
Glad to help out, Good Luck!

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I wouldn't trust the software from ebay.

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goto rosstech.com and see what they have for your model. The right software is called VAG-COM. Or if you want performance look in to either GIACX or APR Tuning.

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Don't mess around with software you don't feel that you can trust, unless you want to purchase a new ECU for about $500 or more dollars
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