What are the difference between Volkswagen Golf, GT, GTI, R32, Rabbit?

I remember GT has twincharger, how come I can't find it in U.S. ? I can only find GTI with 2.0L engine


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The basic Golf is gone, replaced by the Rabbit for 2007. Rabbit is not just a re-badged Golf. The body's wider & the car has a longer wheelbase. Golf had a 2.0 4-cyl, Rabbit has a 2.5 5-cyl. GTI is still built, (still has old Golf body) & has a turbo 2.0 4-cyl. The R32 is a psycho Rabbit with a VR-6. Only 5000 will be built. GT is not available in North America.

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They don't have the "GT" in the USA. They have the golf, gti, r32 and rabbit. The golf is the base model and was made up until the new body style came out a year or so ago, which is now been renamed the Rabbit. The GTI is the performance version of it, comes with suspension, higher horsepower, etc. The R32 is the higher performance version, comes with a little bit different body kit, different rims, etc. The GTIs now come in 4 door, which in the MK4 years, they only came in 2 door. They look much better in 4 doors with the current body style, in my opinion.
Btw, the rabbit is just a re-badged golf. North America is the only one that has it as a "rabbit". Its still considered and badged as a golf everywhere else in the world.

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everyone else is right but the R32 is 4WD. Thats it!
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