02 ford focus question?

This is probably an odd question, but I have a reason for asking it. On my 02 focus there's a tiny black diamond pattern grid type design along the inside outer edge of the front wind sheild. It flairs out a bit above the rear view mirror, and I'm curious (with good reason) to know what the @#%% it is. Please respond ONLY if you do know. Thanks


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Many car manufacturers have that dotted design either on windshields or rear windshields and sometimes even side glass. The only reasoning behind it, since it is on the inside and there is NO WAY its a radio antenna, is just a cheap form of shading the outside light, being around the mirror like it is, helps shed some of light coming in around the mirror without having to physically shade the lamination between the glass, which we've all see the dark green/blue tint at the very top of windshields. I know it sounds corny, but its a form of shading the glass.

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If it is on the EXTERIOR of the vehicle, at the middle front of the roof, that would be the radio antenna. Hope this helps. You might want to go into more detail with your description, if you require further clarification.

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Maybe the radio antenna
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