1963 chevy PU differential torque setting?

what torque settings should I use when installing the bolts back in the differential from a 1963 chevy 1/2 ton pickup?
there are 2 brackets that hold the races on the axle bearings,
and a bolt that holds the pin in the center that holds everything in place (axles and gears)

V6 Pontiac firebird?

thank you


Back light?

I own a shop, and build a lot of differentials for people. The bearing caps should be torqued at about 60 - 65 pounds, and the retaining bolt for the spider shaft should be about 20 pounds. It is a good idea to use thread lock on the bolt that holds the pin in. I have seen many of them come out, and they are too small to put much torque on. I use the blue "Loc-tite" brand. Clean the bolt & threads with solvent such as choke cleaner or Acetone, apply one drop on the end of the thread (at the end of the bolt), and torque it down with a small 5/16 wrench. There is no need to use a torque wrench on this bolt because you will break it if you aren't careful. If you ever need to take it back out, just hit it with a torch for a couple of seconds to warm it up, and it will come right out.
Glad to help out, Good Luck!
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