OIL found near engine area - Honda Civic 94?

Last month head gasket has been replaced due to coolant leakage. So overheating problem has been solved. Also replaced water pump and timi belt. Car run 125000 miles. After replacing head gasket it run around 400 miles. Today I found some OIL leakage near engine area. But this OIL is not found under the CAR in the parking area. What might be reasons for the same.


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its the valve cover gasket,. just tighthen the valve cover a bit this will solve it.. but if the oil is still there after couple days.. change it.. (a few dollar only).. the valve cover gasket is made from rubber .. it may gone soft..

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More then likely, a cam seal leak or distributor O ring sprung a leak.

What is the difference ...?

Coud be from a number of places they replaced the timing cover seal and gaskets Head and valve cover gaskets. If you find oil in the egine bay but not on the ground , it could be oil that leaked out when they pulled the parts or was leaking before. Take it back and let them find out what it is
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