1995 Honda Accord US Wagon keyless entry??

Ok ive pulled off my door panel to put in new speakers and have discovered a unit in there that I assumed was central locking, but on it it says Keyless, and this led me to ponder about my key which has a chipboard in it with some kind of button... is this keyless entry? If so how do I get it to work again for nothing happens


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That old system used an optical system then radio for opening the doors. There is a small window near the drivers door lock cylinder and one in the tail gate. its range is very short and very very much a pain to make work. Its all fixable but very costly. If you really want the system to work as a group and don't have the code ID tag for the keyless you may need to by the whole system as a set. that means all new matching locks and keyless box thats coded to the new keys set. Even though I hate aftermaket alarms thats really the best to do with this car.
Good luck :)

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There should be a small battery in the button case, its probably dead.

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there are several kinds of keyless entry systems. first you need to see if your car is really american. if the vin number starts with J it is made in Japan. if it has a1 it is american. the basic keyless entry works by placing your ignition key in the drivers door and flipping it different ways to acitvat keylees entry and it will open or unlock other doors. it may also have an optional remote that is sold at dealer only. you may find another remote and dealer can hand you programming directions.
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