1996 Corvette lt4. Can you change a lifter without removal of the intake?

I expanded the push rod hole in the head gasket and can get a long magnet or lifter puller to the lifter but there seems to be a retainer preventing removal. Can I force the lifter past this retainer without damage. I have one lifter in #6 colapsing.



Late model GM hydraulic roller engines use a "spider" assembly which is bolted into the lifter valley to keep the lifter oriented with the roller bearings following the cam lobes. This assembly must be loosened or removed to get the lifter out of it's bore. The intake has to come off, there's no way of getting around it.

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Sorry, It's necessary to remove the intake. The lifters are .800 diameter, quite heavy and oil slippery. Do not file an enlargement hole as the filings will fall into the lifter gallery.

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What you might do is buy a solid lifter of this diameter and use it as a gage plug to check the hole you've made. Good luck with your project.


You should pull the intake to make sure you get everything out, most likely something is going to fall in or you will drop the lifter and you will have to pull the intake anyway.

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