Dodge Dakota wont start?

My 99 dodge dakota wont start she's being doing this the last month or so after letting her sit, usually over night, she wont start. then after a few hours she will fire right up. any ideas


Dodge 4.7L V-8 engine?

you say dont start. as in it will turn over but not fire or dont turn over at all.

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might be a crank positioning sensor or the cam positioning sensor. if this is going bad it wont let the truck fire up. common problem on the older dakota. but check your TPS and iac and see if this is bad. any check engine lights?

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It sounds like vapor lock.

Infinity G35 coupe with a rebuilt title?

Why are you driving such an old vehicle? You should go buy a new one.

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Check the battery cables and see if they are loose, I had this problem with my 2000 about three months ago, my battery was bad anyway... so we put a new one on it, and tightened up all the cables and it worked fine.

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It also might have something to do with the temperature over night.. if it's really cold the battery won't fire right, get a better battery..

Did Chevrolet make a 305 SS truck in 1990-93?

(don't listen to that guy that posted above me.. older vehicles are great)

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hope this helps

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Dodge? ouch.

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Seriously though, it is either Vapor Locked OR check the Fuel Filter. In line on the Carburetor, AND the Fuel Tank Filter also. The Fuel Pump may be going bad OR already is too. How long has it been since your last Tune Up? If theses turn out to be the problem at least it is not expensive IF you do it yourself. It is super easy to do. You could also have some trash in the gas tank. There are a number of things it could be, and unless I was there to look at it I am only making suggestions.

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You have to blow on the exhaust pipe, get down on your knees and take the exhaust pipe in your mouth and blow, I don't know about the truck, but it works for my husband!! Ha.ha,ha, No really check your battery cables if there is corrosion on them, pour some Coca-cola on them, give it a few minutes to work then clean the clamps. Then blow on the exhaust pipe.teeehheee. Marvels Mystery oil works great too, to blow out any carbon build up and vapor lock. You can add it to your fuel and I believe that you can add it to your oil. The truck will let out a big fart and run like a bat outa hell

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when you turn the key do you get a click sound and nothing else? Does your stereo and stuff come on? Because it could be a dead spot in your starter, that's what happened to me.
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