1966 Corvair Corsa safety problems?

What were some of the safety problems of the 1966 Corvair, how could they be fixed, and how much would it cost?


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The problem of air coming out of the tires around corners was fixed by '66. I had a '66 Monza for years and it was the best car that I ever owned other than the fan belt problem which isn't really a big deal. You may want to look into seat belts though because all the car comes with is a lap belt and it has a metal dash.

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Nader should have looked at the Volkswagen. He was just being a pain in the butt back then the same way he is now.

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The main gripe was in connection with a stability (could flip over) at least as for Ralph Nader. I owned 2 corvairs a 1960 and a 1965 monza coupe. Never came close to having anything like that happen. Botjh cars were stable on the road and streets. I think Ralph killed off a good car.

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The Corvair used what is called a swing arm rear suspension. In an emergency lane change maneuver the rear inside axle would droop down and when the driver swerved back into his lane the car would land on this "drooped" wheel and roll the car. There isn't anything you can do to fix it. (btw the old VW's and Porches used the same rear suspension, they were just a better implemented design.)

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The Corvair is a cool looking car, but no amount of money is going to make any car from the 60's safe compared to modern cars. You could make it safer by installing seat belts. But where yah gonna get air bags, crush zones, side impact beams, and a soft interior and still have a 66 Corvair? Were it me I drive it like it was an unsafe, old car, and have a heck of a good time in it.

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Go blame Ralph Nader. It's his fault--they were fairly safe, as long as you weren't going off of a ramp at 100 mph.

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They really weren't as bad as Ralph Nader claimed they were. Actually, they were neat cars. The Spyders ran pretty good with 4 carbs and some were turbo charged (rare).
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