What cars are compatible with e-85 fuel?

Is a Kia Rio compatible for e-85fuel? Also a Chevy Metro?


I need to locate the MAF sensor on my 2000 VW Bug?

i own a repair shop and yes both of those are good to run on it ,most people think a car has to be built to run on it,i use it in a 95 Chevy s-10 and it wasn't built for it,and it runs fine on it,right now i run a mix of 50/50 because it seems to do a lot better on fuel that way,but those two will run good on it,and it wont hurt anything,try a mix first though,and see if it cuts down on the performance,it didn't mine but all vehicles are different,good luck hope this helps.

I want to buy a 2005 Chevy SSR, manual trani, yellow! HELP!?

All the new gm vehicles that are require to use e85 gasoline.
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