1977 Porsche 924 4 cyl is not getting gas to intake injector?

Could it be throttle body control? Fuel control? Will not crank no gas going to carb. Idle control? Choke on carb stays down will not stay up? Engine will turn over but will not crank.


What can i do?

Any fule injected vehicle has an inertia switch, my 76 MG did I hit a pothole and the car died. Check that

Low profile tires dodge durango98?

check your fuel pump, or fuel filter

I have an 1986 Honda accord that needed the idle set up and ended up with A new carb.?

fuel pump may be the cause, check it out. i dont know much bout porches but its a symptom that could apply to any vehicle.

How to i take appart my steering colomn panal in my 2003 impala.?

Your fuel pump is no longer functioning.
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