Can i rent a power programer for my 2002 explorer sport?

I was wanting to try out the power programers that I have been seeing. I heard they increase the overall performance of yourtvehicle. But however I dont want to spend 400 dollars for something Im only going to use just once or twice thanks alot


Im going to buy a volks wagen just want 2 know if its worth it?

once or twice?

Window tint 4 Mercedces!!?

It's a all or nothing thing, no free tryouts... basically the programmer erases the information in your computer and installs a new program... the programmer can't be used on any other vehicle after that... and the programmer is set up for the certain things in your explorer sport (such as engine etc) and means you can only use one made for that engine and transmission combo..

How do i change a head light in a 2001 chevy cavalier?

all you can do is bring it back to factory settings or program for the power chip.. So it's either $400 or nothing Sorry

My '99 Tacoma's headlights are cloudy and the polish didn't last...?

You can find someone willing to let you borrow a power chip that fits in the back of the PCM more power to you... but most of those are just sold too (never saw one "rented")
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