1995 Volvo GLT collant problems... any help?

Well, the light in the car comes on and says that it needs coolant, so I put coolant in it. All is fine, don't see any leaks but every time I drive it, the collant level goes down. I have put over 2 gallons in it and it just keeps going down with no sign of leaks. What could this be? Thanks


What motors will fit my 93 ford thunderbird's transmission the original is 3.8 v6 it has a knock?

if you see white smoke out the tailpipe, it would suggest a blown head gasket.

I need the wiring diagram for my 95 F150 to install my remote start and alarm system. TY for any help?

have you checked the heater core on driver and passanger side of the center console you have to pull back the carpet its very easy.
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