What are the steps in replacing rotors on 95 ford f150?

i have a truck coming in in real soon...can someone point out the steps in changing the rotors and the tools needed 95 ford f-150 4X4? first good ans gets 10


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remove tire(obviously), remove brake caliper with bracket and take rotor off hub. to install,reverse the process. Use basic hand tools, rachet,wrenches and big channel lock pliers.

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You will need to get a special nut tool to remove the locking nut from the spindle. A Dana 44 spindle nut is the right one. When you remove them you will need to remove the 4X4 hub. remove the allen wrench bolts from around the hub, once the hubface has been removed you will need to remove a C-clip from BOTH the axle's stubshaft AND a C-clip that is in the hub itself, this will probably by convered in grease and hard to find you will need 2 really small screwdrivers to pry it out of the hub. MY bad, You should remove the brake calipers before you tear into the hub itself, Ford used a couple different mounting methods but the most common one is a pair of diamond shaped lockins pins that slide in between the caliper and the mount to hold it in place, these are also what the caliper slides on. Now back to the hub there are 2 types of spindle nuts a 1 piece ratcheting assembly and a 3 piece doublenut/washer assembly, with the 1 piece you will have to push the nut in to release the ratcheting mechanism and it will spin. (this is the crappier version to have) with the 3 piece you remove the outer locknut, there is an indexing washer you will need to slide off and the inner locknut to remove next. Now you can slide off the entire hub/rotor assembly, this is the time to replace all of the axleseals and wheel bearings, the inner races will need to be driven out from the inside, its best to have a shop remove and press the new ones in place. OR you can hammer them out with somethign really long and take your chances hammering the new ones back in hoping they seat squarely. I highly recommend buying a new hub/rotor assembly (more later) to remove the disk you will need to thread the lugnuts back on and drive the wheel studs out with a hammer this will separate the hub from the rotor. NOW you will need to re-assemble it all using the new rotor you must drive the wheelstuds BACK through the hub get yourself a couple scrap 4X4 pieces of wood. As you drive the wheelstuds back in you will need to drill holes in the 4X4's to accomodate the already there wheelstuds, this also helps as the studs will prevent the hub from moving. it takes a tad longer to initially setup but overall is WAY faster than trying to drive them in with no support. Once this is back together you need to take the completed assembly to a shop and have it turned to ensure that the rotor is truley straight up and down. NOW if you are smart and took my adive and just bought a new hub/rotor assembly you will find a bunch of steps and several several hours of time saved. Put it all back together as you took it apart and IF by chance you have the crappy 1-piece ratcheting locknut this is also the time to change to the 3 piece assembly. As you see changing the rotors is not a simple task on these trucks make sure you set aside an entire day possibly a few depending on machine work required to do the front rotors.
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